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HY-2A Altimeter Time Tag Bias Estimation Using Reconstructive Transponder


Independent clocks provide time tags for the precision orbit determination (POD) equipment and the radar altimeter onboard the HY-2A satellite, and a bias between POD data' time tag and corresponding range observation's time tag from the HY-2A altimeter exists. The time tag bias contributes a bias in the sea surface height observation due to the nonzero time rate of change of the HY-2A altimeter's height. A transponder for in-orbit radar altimeter calibration provides an approach to estimate the time tag bias. The altimeter receives the responding signals from the transponder and generates ranges. Pertinent reference ranges are obtained fromthe POD data and the transponder's coordinate. Using the ranges from the radar altimeter and the reference ranges, the time tag bias between the POD data and the altimeter observations can be estimated. During an in situ HY-2A altimeter calibration campaign using a reconstructive transponder from August 9, 2012, to July 20, 2014, 17 estimations of the altimeter's time tag bias were obtained. The preliminary results are presented in this letter.
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Recommended references: Junzhi Wan,Wei Guo,Fei Zhao,Caiyun Wang.(2016).HY-2A Altimeter Time Tag Bias Estimation Using Reconstructive Transponder.IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS.[ChinaXiv:201612.00202] (Click&Copy)
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