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1. chinaXiv:201911.00059 [pdf]


Subjects: Geosciences >> Atmospheric Sciences

在中尺度数值模式中,选用不同的参数化方案对降水的模拟和预测效果会有很大影响,合理选择参数化方案可以提高预测准确性。为此,本文使用中尺度预报模式WRF3.8 (Weather Research and Forecasting model, WRF) 版本,采用3 km和9 km两层嵌套网格,利用ECMWF(European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts)再分析资料作为初始场和边界条件,对新疆地区4次暴雨过程进行模拟,采用TS (Threat Score) 评分评估了Lin方案、WSM6方案、Thompson方案和WDM6方案4种云微物理参数化方案对新疆地区暴雨模拟的适用性。结果表明:Thompson方案在站点降雨量为小雨(0.1~5.0 mm)和中雨(5.1~10.0 mm)的预报模拟中具有优势,其他3种云微物理参数化方案均在不同程度上存在漏报情况,从相关系数上判断,Thompson方案模拟效果略优于其他方案,适用于多小雨、中雨的新疆地区,但4种云微物理参数化方案在大到暴雨降水等级的预报效果都不是很好,这也正是WRF模式在新疆地区需要改进的地方。

submitted time 2019-11-14 From cooperative journals:《干旱区研究》 Hits5455Downloads590 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:201909.00115 [pdf]


陈淑莹; 胡琪; 张弛; 陈曦; 邱源; 杜皓阳; 魏彩霞
Subjects: Geosciences >> Other Disciplines of Geosciences

为探寻天山地区气候模拟WRF(weather research and forecasting)模式中最优参数化方案组合,针对云微物理方案(MIC)、积云对流方案(CS)、行星边界层/近地面层方案(PBL/SLS)、陆面过程方案(LSM)以及长短波辐射方案(LSW)设计了6组季节尺度物理参数化方案敏感性试验,模拟时间设为2014-11-28—2015-12-01。利用地面气象站观测数据和GPM(global precipitation measurement)卫星降水数据(R≥0.6),对模式模拟的日最高、最低气温及降水进行验证。结果表明:WRF模式对气温的模拟效果较好,且对日最高气温(0.8

submitted time 2019-09-09 From cooperative journals:《干旱区研究》 Hits5811Downloads579 Comment 0

3. chinaXiv:201703.00308 [pdf]

Target brightness temperature simulation and analysis for the geostationary interferometric microwave sounder (GIMS)

Zhang, Ying; Liu, Hao; Wu, Ji; He, Jieying; Zhang, Cheng
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

Target brightness temperature maps can be used in geostationary interferometric microwave sounder (GIMS) system simulation. System simulation with accurate target brightness temperature maps can evaluate system performance in near real case and thus help adjust design parameters for the sensor before it is finally put into use. In this paper, method of simulating target brightness temperature using Weather Research and Forecasting Model and Radiative Transfer for TOVS (RTTOV) has been discussed. Target brightness temperature simulation results at oxygen absorption band and water-vapor absorption band have been presented. Some preliminary analyses of simulated brightness temperature for GIMS' observation have also been given.

submitted time 2017-03-10 Hits17208Downloads1428 Comment 0

4. chinaXiv:201703.00257 [pdf]

Precipitation Retrievals in typhoon domain combining of FY3C MWHTS Observations and WRF Predicted Models

HE Jieying; ZHANG Shengwei; LI Na
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

A passive sub-millimeter precipitation retrievals algorithm is provided based on Microwave Humidity and Temperature Sounder (MWHTS) onboard the Chinese Feng Yun 3C (FY-3C) satellite. Using the validated global reference physical model NCEP/WRF/ VDISORT), NCEP data per 6 hours are downloaded to run the Weather Research and Forecast model WRF, and derive the typical precipitation data from the whole world. The precipitation retrieval algorithm can operate either on land or on seawater for global. To simply the calculation procedure and save the training time, principle component analysis (PCA) was adapted to filter out the redundancy caused by scanning angle and surface effects, as well as system noise. According to the comparison and validation combing with other precipitation sources, it is demonstrated that the retrievals are reliable for surface precipitation rate higher than 0.1 mm/h at 15km resolution.

submitted time 2017-03-10 Hits794Downloads389 Comment 0

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