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1. chinaXiv:202006.00239 [pdf]

Snow resisting capacity of Caragana microphylla and Achnatherum splendens in a typical steppe region of Inner Mongolia, China

YAN Min; ZUO Hejun; WANG Haibing; DONG Zhi; LI Gangtie
Subjects: Geosciences >> History of Geosciences

Snow resisting capacity of vegetation is important for secondary distribution of water resources in seasonal snow areas of grassland because it affects the regeneration, growth and nutrient circulation of vegetation in grassland. This study investigated vegetation characteristics (canopy height, canopy length and crown width) of Caragana microphylla Lam. (shrub) and Achnatherum splendens (Trin.) Nevski. (herb), and snow morphologies (snow depth, snow width and snow braid length) in a typical steppe region of Inner Mongolia, China in 2017. And the influence of vegetation characteristic on snow resisting capacity (the indices of bottom area of snow and snow volume reflect snow resisting capacity) was analyzed. The results showed that snow morphology depends on vegetation characteristics of shrub and herb. The canopy height was found to have the greatest influence on snow depth and the crown width had the greatest influence on snow width. The canopy length was found to have little influence on morphological parameters of snow. When the windward areas of C. microphylla and A. splendens were within the ranges of 0.0–0.5 m2 and 0.0–8.0 m2, respectively, the variation of snow cover was large; however, beyond these areas, the variation of snow cover became gradually stable. The potential area of snow retardation for a single plant was 1.5–2.5 m2 and the amount of snow resistance was 0.15–0.20 m3. The bottom area of snow and snow volume (i.e., snow resisting capacity) of clumped C. microphylla and A. splendens was found to be 4 and 25 times that of individual plant, respectively. The results could provide a theoretical basis both for the estimation of snow cover and the establishment of a plant-based technical system for the control of windblown snow in the typical steppe region of Inner Mongolia.

submitted time 2020-06-22 From cooperative journals:《Journal of Arid Land》 Hits5145Downloads515 Comment 0

2. chinaXiv:201703.00309 [pdf]

An Improved Adaptive Regularization Method for Forward Looking Azimuth Super-Resolution of a Dual-Frequency Polarized Scatterometer

Liu, Liling; Dong, Xiaolong; Zhu, Jintai; Zhu, Di
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

Dual-frequency polarized scatterometer (DFPSCAT) is a pencil-beam rotating scatterometer which is designed for snow water equivalent (SWE) measurement, and Doppler beam sharpening (DBS) technique is proposed for DFPSCAT to achieve the azimuth resolution. However, the DBS technique is inapplicable for the forward-looking and afterward-looking regions. Based on an approximate aperiodic model of scatterometer echo signal, an improved adaptive regularization deconvolution algorithm with gradient histogram preservation (GHP) constraint is implemented to settle the problem. To investigate its performance of resolution enhancement and resulted accuracy, both a synthetic backscattering coefficient (σ0field reconstruction and SWE σ0reconstruction are carried out. The results show that the proposed method can recover the truth signal and achieve azimuth resolution of 2 km with the designed scatterometer system, which is required by the SWE retrieval. Moreover, the relative errors of reconstructed σ0are less than 0.5 dB that satisfy the accuracy requirement for SWE retrieval, and comparisons with observed results show that the error reduction is more than 0.03 dB. Meanwhile, a comparison between the proposed algorithm and some existing resolution enhancement methods is analyzed, which concludes that the proposed method can obtain a comparable resolution enhancement as L1method and has less noise. The technique is also verified with advanced scatterometer (ASCAT) scatterometer data.

submitted time 2017-03-10 Hits15489Downloads1339 Comment 0

3. chinaXiv:201703.00306 [pdf]

Azimuth High Resolution for a Conically Scanned Pencil-Beam Scatterometer Using Rotating Azimuth Doppler Discrimination

Wang, Gang; Dong, Xiaolong; Zhu, Di; Bao, Qingliu
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

In order to satisfy a relatively high resolution for the retrieval of snow water equivalent, an X/Ku-band dual-frequency full-polarized SCATterometer (DFPSCAT) onboard Water Cycle Observation Mission (WCOM) satellite is designed for high-resolution observations. However, given the following situations, the method called “rotating azimuth Doppler discrimination” is proposed, which can satisfy the resolution requirement and real-time processing: 1) the conically rotation rate of antenna is relatively fast; 2) the swath width is larger than 1000?km; and 3) day or night observation capabilities are required. Considering the complexity of the system's design and the improvement of azimuth resolution capability, a burst pulsing scheme is addressed to satisfy the numbers of azimuth sampling. The simulation model is used to analyze the feasibility of azimuth discrimination method based on geometry and system parameters. It is shown that the achievable azimuth resolution is about 2–5?km at far end of the swath and only 5km at near end of the swath. The results show that when the size of a slice is set as 2–5?km, the Kpcis about less than 0.4 as snow depth varies, and the Kpcof combined slices is smaller than a single slice.

submitted time 2017-03-10 Hits15899Downloads1387 Comment 0

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