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1. chinaXiv:201703.00296 [pdf]

Single-layer broadband linearly polarized reflectarray antenna by using phase-delay lines

Han, Chunhui; Zhang, Yunhua; Yang, Qingshan
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

In this paper, a novel X-band broadband single-layer unit cell with attached phase-delay lines for reflectarray antennas is proposed to surmount the limitation of the reflectarray bandwidth. The unit cell is composed of three circular rings, each with a pair of gaps which are mutually placed orthogonally, and two identical circular phase-delay lines are attached to the outer ring to provide the required reflection phase. After the simulation for the unit cell carried out, a large reflecting phase range of about 600?and almost linear phase curve are achieved at the center frequency of 10 GHz. Parallel phase curves of different frequencies ranging from 9 GHz to 12 GHz are also obtained. To validate the broadband performance of the proposed unit cell, a 9 ?9 center-fed reflectarray antenna operating at X band is designed and simulated. Simulation results show that the designed antenna has 34% 1-dB gain bandwidth, which demonstrates that an obvious improvement on the bandwidth has been achieved compared to the previous works. Besides, the cross-polarization level is decreased to -40 dB by a mirror symmetric element arrangement.

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