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1. chinaXiv:201708.00169 [pdf]

Cyprinus-like pharyngeal bones and teeth (Teleostei, Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) from the Early–Middle Oligocene deposits of South China

CHEN Geng-Jiao; CEN Li-Di; LIU Juan
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geology

Here we describe ?Nanningocyprinus wui gen. et sp. nov, a fossil Cyprinus-like fsh from the Early-Middle Oligocene deposits of Langdong, Nanning Basin, Guangxi Province,South China. ?Nanningocyprinus wui is represented by a number of pharyngeal bones and teeth.It differs from all other cyprinid fishes in the following character combination: tooth formula—3·2·1, crushing molar-like A1 much larger than A2, only one groove on the grinding surface of A2 and B1 respectively, and the anterior angle of the pharyngeal bone triangular and prominent.The new-found Cyprinus-like fsh, along with the previously known Late Eocene ?Eoprocypris maomingensis (Procypris-like) and Oligocene ?Huashancyprinus robustispinus (Cyprinus-like)from South China, further indicates an early branching and diversification of the Cyprininae(Cyprinidae) in this area

submitted time 2017-08-08 From cooperative journals:《古脊椎动物学报》 Hits675Downloads380 Comment 0

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