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1. chinaXiv:201703.00485 [pdf]

快速沉积与侵蚀对地温场及天然气水合物成藏演化的影响:以南海北部陆坡为例 Impacts of fast sedimentation and erosion on the evolution of geothermal field and gas hydrate system: cases of Northern South China Sea

张毅, 何丽娟, 汪集旸
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

海洋沉积物中天然气水合物的存在与分布与地温条件紧密相关。南海北部陆坡大部分区域更、全新世沉积速率较高,同时局部地区(如神狐天然气水合物钻探区)发育有大量的海底冲蚀谷。这些快速沉积或侵蚀作用可以对地温场及天然气水合物的形成与赋存产生重要影响,然而目前注意到这些问题的研究相对较少。本文中我们结合南海北部陆坡的实际情况,建立了针对地温场发生动态变化时的水合物成藏数值模型。我们给出两个成藏模拟案例,其一是快速沉积的情形,其二是地形遭受侵蚀、产生冲蚀谷时的情形。结果表明,在这两种情形下地温场将发生不同的瞬态调整,并对天然气水合物在地层中聚集及分布产状产生重要影响。在快速沉积发生时,地温梯度将变小,天然气水合物稳定带(HSZ)将增厚;然而当其底界将随着热传递而上升,天然气水合物将不断在原稳定带底界分解,而后在新的稳定带底界处重新生成水合物。这样长时间的快速沉积作用可以造成水合物主要富集在稳定带底界处。而当快速侵蚀作用发生时,地温梯度将变大,天然气水合物稳定带的厚度将变薄,原来位于冲蚀谷处的水合物藏将被侵蚀作用破坏。而后,随着热平衡的发展,逐渐形成新的、类似于似海底反射层的稳定带底界。单纯考虑甲烷扩散作用下,高丰度水合物的形成需要较长的时间,相对而言脊下的水合物成藏较好,形成矿点的概率较大。 The occurrence and distribution of gas hydrate in marine sediments is closely related to the state of geothermal field. The sedimentation rate is relatively high during the Pleistocene and Holocene in the northern margin of the South China Sea. Moreover, there are many erosional canyons at the sea bottom in some local areas. Such fast sedimentation and erosion can greatly affect the geothermal regime and the formation and occurrence of gas hydrate deposits. However, there are few studies that consider such scenarios. In this study, considering the geological reality, we build a numerical reservoir model aimed to simulate the evaluation of the gas hydrate system upon two cases: the fast sedimentation and the development of erosional canyons. The results indicate the geothermal filed and the accumulation and distribution of gas hydrate can be adjusted dynamically when the fast sedimentation or erosion occurs. Under fast sedimentation, the geothermal gradient becomes smaller and the thickness of gas hydrate stability zone (HSZ) becomes larger. However, due to the role of heat transfer, the bottom of HSZ rises upward. This process leads to the hydrate near the previous bottom of HSZ being dissociated and depositing near the bottom of new HSZ. After a long duration, the fast sedimentation will result the formation of hydrate being mainly enriched near the bottom of HSZ. By contrast, when fast erosion occurs, the geothermal gradient increases and the HSZ turn thinner. The gas hydrate deposit system can be partially destroyed by the formation of canyons. A long time is necessary for the recovery of a gas hydrate deposit with significant abundance. Relatively, the deposits under the residual ridges are more possible to be potential “sweet spots”.

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2. chinaXiv:201903.00239 [pdf]

An experimental study on the influences of water erosion on wind erosion in arid and semi-arid regions

YANG Huimin
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

Complex erosion by wind and water causes serious harm in arid and semi-arid regions. The interaction mechanisms between water erosion and wind erosion is the key to further our understanding of the complex erosion. Therefore, in-depth understandings of the influences of water erosion on wind erosion is needed. This research used a wind tunnel and two rainfall simulators to investigate the influences of water erosion on succeeding wind erosion. The wind erosion measurements before and after water erosion were run on semi-fixed aeolian sandy soil configured with three slopes (5°, 10° and 15°), six wind speeds (0, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 20 m/s), and five rainfall intensities (0, 30, 45, 60 and 75 mm/h). Results showed that water erosion generally restrained the succeeding wind erosion. At a same slope, the restraining effects decreased as rainfall intensity increased, which decreased from 70.63% to 50.20% with rainfall intensity increased from 30 to 75 mm/h. Rills shaped by water erosion could weaken the restraining effects at wind speed exceeding 15 m/s mainly by cutting through the fine grain layer, exposing the sand layer prone to wind erosion to airflow. In addition, the restraining effects varied greatly among different soil types. The restraining effects of rainfall on the succeeding wind erosion depend on the formation of a coarsening layer with a crust and a compact fine grain layer after rainfall. The findings can deepen the understanding of the complex erosion and provide scientific basis for regional soil and water conservation in arid and semi-arid regions.

submitted time 2019-03-28 From cooperative journals:《Journal of Arid Land》 Hits13802Downloads2107 Comment 0

3. chinaXiv:201711.02398 [pdf]

International UTC TAI comparison based on BDS PPP

Yulong Ge; Baoqi Sun; WeiJin Qin; Mingjun Ouyang; Xuhai Yang
Subjects: Geosciences >> Other Disciplines of Geosciences

The BeiDou navigation satellite system (BDS) developed by China, and provided official service for Asia-pacific region freely since 2012. With development of BDS, BDS-based time transfer has become an important research direction in BDS’s application fields. At present, the main method of BDS-based time transfer is BDS Common View (BDS CV), which can reach nanoseconds magnitude. Hence, we investigate the performance time transfer based on BDS precise point positioning (PPP) toward UTC/TAI compute. In this contribution, we focus on UTC/TAI comparison based on BDS PPP by using developed quad-constellation GNSS software, which called National Time System Center’s (NTSC) Bernese. And a long-term data analysis is presented. The experiments include two parts: (1) The reliability of the software and multi-GNSS products; (2) The performance of the BDS PPP toward International UTC/TAI comparison. The experimental results reveal that the accuracy of NTSC’s Bernese GPS PPP can reach about 0.1 ns relative to BIPM TAI PPP solutions. Compared with BIPM TAI PPP solutions, the accuracy of GPS PPP solutions can achieve about 0.2 ns by using multi-GNSS precise products, such as GBM, COM. For BDS PPP solutions, the solutions of GPS PPP are regarded as reference values. It is demonstrated that the accuracy of time transfer based on BDS PPP can reach better 1 ns toward UTC/TAI comparison for the statistics of 30 days-arc solutions, while 0.1 ns magnitude can be achieved for the statistics of daily solutions due to the influence of the day boundary discontinuity. Moreover, four different processing strategies of BDS PPP which include tropospheric delay fixed, tropospheric delay and coordinates fixed, coordinates fixed, and BDS-only are tested. Results show that the comparable accuracy can be achieved for four processing strategies. Hence, one can conclude that the time transfer based on BDS-only PPP show a good performance toward UTC/TAI computation.

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4. chinaXiv:201811.00055 [pdf]


杨晓敏; 李玲琴
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

采用加权平均旅行时间、引力模型与克里金插值、XY to line、自然间断点分级法、分级符号等GIS分析方法,以1986年、1995年、2004年、2016年为时间断面,分析了青海省公路网络中43个主要节点城镇的可达性及县域经济联系格局的演化规律,结论为:1986—2016年,青海省公路网络等可达性线呈现不规则的半环状分布,影响因素主要有位置、交通、经济及其时间距离等,可达性插值表现为交通主干道指向性;青海省公路网络可达性水平均有提升,可达性值的变化呈现相似性与差异性并存的特点;1986—2016年,青海省经济联系强度与对外经济联系总量均呈现增长态势,尤其经济联系总量增长愈来愈快;前五等级的经济联系强度与前三经济联系总量的县域基本集中于西宁、海东地区,体现出青海省典型的“单核”城市空间结构,省会城市辐射带动作用明显;经济联系强度、经济联系总量与可达性均呈现正相关。

submitted time 2018-11-14 From cooperative journals:《干旱区地理》 Hits11213Downloads1992 Comment 0

5. chinaXiv:201703.01169 [pdf]


林德源; 戴念维; 陈云翔; 倪清钊; 张鑫; 张俊喜
Subjects: Geosciences >> Marine Sciences


submitted time 2017-03-31 From cooperative journals:《腐蚀科学与防护技术》 Hits30063Downloads1790 Comment 0

6. chinaXiv:201703.00381 [pdf]


Subjects: Geosciences >> Marine Sciences


submitted time 2017-03-22 From cooperative journals:《中国科学院院刊》 Hits13967Downloads1679 Comment 0

7. chinaXiv:202001.00051 [pdf]


刘倩; 张戬; 何艳冰; 杨新军
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

基于秦巴山商洛地区农户问卷调查数据,在可持续生计框架下,聚焦不同群体之间生计资本状况,并探讨其农户生计资本对生计策略选择的影响以及生计资本的耦合性。结果表明:(1) 山区农户生计策略出现明显分化,依据非农收入比重分为纯务工型、务工主导型、兼业型和纯农型4种类型。(2) 调研样本中农户生计资本有限和不均衡,呈现金融资本和社会资本相对较高,自然资本、人力资本偏低的特征。非贫困户中兼业型生计资本总值最高,务工主导型、纯务工型次之,纯农型最低;贫困户中务工主导型生计资本总值最高,纯务工型、兼业型次之,纯农型最低。(3) 非贫困户中人均耕地面积、人均林地面积、耕地质量、职业技能水平、政治资源、就业网络对纯务工型农户向务工主导型、兼业型转变有着积极影响,家庭人均收入、男性劳动力比例则具有负向影响;家庭人均收入和职业技能水平对于纯务工型向纯农型转变有负向影响。贫困户中人均耕地面积、人均林地面积、政治资源对纯务工型农户向务工主导型、兼业型和纯农型转变具有正向影响,家庭人均收入、劳动力教育水平、职业技能水平、联系成本则具有负向影响。(4) 非贫困农户生计资本耦合度依次为兼业型>务工主导型>纯务工型>纯农型;贫困农户则为兼业型>纯务工型>务工主导型>纯农型。因此,开展农户可持续性生计研究,对于农户减贫、促进乡村地区发展具有重要意义。

submitted time 2020-01-06 From cooperative journals:《干旱区地理》 Hits17048Downloads1672 Comment 0

8. chinaXiv:201703.00311 [pdf]

Deep space communication channel characteristics under solar scintillation

Wu, Tong; Yan, Yi; Li, Yongcheng; Wang, Chunmei; Yao, Xiujuan; Li, Xue
Subjects: Geosciences >> Space Physics

Electromagnetic waves used for deep space communications are mainly affected by the charged particles ejected by the sun. These effects may result in degradation of communication quality or communication interruption. This paper discusses the effects of solar scintillation on electro-magnetic waves, including the scintillation index which is a measure of the intensity scintillation, the coherence bandwidth and the coherence time of deep space communication channel. The deep space communication channel under solar scintillation is modeled by using Rician fading channel according to the scintillation index. The coherence bandwidth will determine whether the channel is flat fading or frequency selective fading and the coherence time will determine whether the channel is slow fading or fast fading. The approach of choosing signal band width is determined by the coherence bandwidth and the coherence time with the change of the solar elongation angle. The simulation results show the bit error rate of the signal bandwidth chosen by the proposed approach is lower than a random choice.

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9. chinaXiv:202001.00050 [pdf]


兰海霞; 赵雪雁
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

发展旅游业作为一种有效的减贫手段已引起政府和社会各界的广泛关注,当前急需科学评估旅游发展的减贫效应,以便为制定切实可行的旅游扶贫政策提供借鉴。基于中国2000—2015年31个省(市、自治区)的面板数据,利用熵值法评价了各地区旅游发展水平,运用面板门槛模型考察了旅游发展的减贫效应。结果表明:(1) 旅游发展存在显著的减贫效应,但因发展水平不同而存在门槛效应。(2) 减贫效应存在“东—中—西”阶梯式递增的变化特征。(3) 随旅游发展水平的提高,减贫效应具有逐步收敛的边际递减特征,其中旅游发展水平处于低区段时的减贫效应最大,中低区段的减贫效应次之,中高区段的减贫效应不显著,高区段的减贫效应进一步缩小,总体呈倒“J”型。基于此,提出了充分发挥旅游减贫效应的对策建议。

submitted time 2020-01-06 From cooperative journals:《干旱区地理》 Hits17277Downloads1616 Comment 0

10. chinaXiv:201904.00091 [pdf]

Dynamics of infiltration rate and Field-Saturated soil hydraulic conductivity in a Wastewater-Irrigated cropland

Siyi Zhang; Isaac Hopkins; Li Guo; Henry Lin
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geography

The maintenance of a soil’s infiltration rate (IR) and field-saturated hydraulic conductivity (Kfs) is crucial for the long-term sustainable functioning of wastewater-irrigated lands. However, an effective procedure for reliably measuring in situ soil Kfs remains elusive. To address this issue, this study investigated the DualHead Infiltrometer (DHI), a novel instrument for automatically determining IR and Kfs, and compared it with a traditional Double-Ring Infiltrometer (DRI) under various field conditions. In the initial phase, we optimized the procedure and settings for the DHIs in a cropland that has been spray-irrigated with secondary-treated wastewater for decades in central Pennsylvania. Results showed that our optimized procedure, which used a single, long pressure cycle, yielded more robust measurements of IR than the originally recommended sequence of two short pressure cycles. The values of Kfs measured by the DHIs with optimized settings were similar to those measured by DRIs under many (but not all) field conditions, due to their differences in infiltration surface areas, operational procedures, length of infiltration time, and soil spatiotemporal variability. Viscosity-corrected Kfs on the irrigated cropland was 123.8±94.0 mm h-1, higher than that on the adjacent non-irrigated cropland (103.2±94.6 mm h-1), but the difference was not statistically significant, owing to the high degree of soil spatiotemporal variability and our limited number of measurements. Nevertheless, the higher Kfs values measured on irrigated cropland reflect observed changes in soil structure (e.g., soil pore characteristics) that have resulted from decades of irrigation. Seasonal variations in Kfs values existed between winter and summer conditions, but IRs during all seasons remained much higher than the current spray-irrigation rate (4.25 mm h-1), suggesting that the soil is still capable of handling the routine irrigation, even during winter. However, the coefficients of variation exceeded 67.0% across the field sites investigated and the time periods covered by our measurements were limited. As this specific site is permitted to discharge treated wastewater year-round, caution must still be exercised to ensure that soil Kfs remains high enough to prevent runoff generation, especially during winter frozen conditions.

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