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1. chinaXiv:201804.01250 [pdf]

A new species of Kubanochoerus (Suidae, Artiodactyla) from the Linxia Basin, Gansu Province, China

HOU Su-Kuan; DENG Tao
Subjects: Geosciences >> Geology

A new specimen of kubanochoeres has been discovered from the Maida locality, Linxia Basin, Gansu Province, China, and a new species, Kubanochoerus parvus sp. nov., has been created based on the unique partially broken cranium. The new species has a relatively small body size similar to K. massai and K. minheensis. The new species, which possesses relatively wide cheek teeth that resemble those of K. massai and many derived characters that are similar to K. gigas, may represent a separate lineage of the Eurasian kubanochoeres. The horizon of the Maida locality is speculated to be the upper Hujialiang Formation or lower Liushu Formation, and the new species is possibly the youngest known kubanochoere. Based on the comparison of the known kubanochoere, Libycochoerus is suggested to be a synonym of Kubanochoerus, while K. robustus and K. lantienensis are synonyms of K. gigas. There is not sufficient evidence to support the subdivision of K. gigas at the subspecies level. Kubanochoerus gigas is speculated to have derived from more primitive forms that existed earlier than K. massai, and the new species may be derived from K. massai or other earlier forms. Kubanochoerus minheensis, which bears a relatively small body size and rudimentary sub-lophodont dentition, is suggested to be another separate lineage of the Eurasian kubanochoeres.

submitted time 2018-04-04 From cooperative journals:《古脊椎动物学报》 Hits4221Downloads1071 Comment 0

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