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Submit Time: 2016-04-22
Author: 王天放 1,2 ; 贾楠 1 ; 彭如意 1,2 ; 吕建工 1 ; 彭吉龙 1 ; 付利平 1 ;
Institute: 1.中国科学院国家空间科学中心; 2.中国科学院大学;


[英文摘要]The capability of the modern payloads on satellite is getting stronger and stronger, and the motor has been used widely. The life and reliability of the motor equipped on satellite would be the main characters that restrict long-time work of the satellites. So the design of motor system on satellites should be not only satisfied with the application requirements, but also the requirements of life and reliability should be fully taken into account simultaneously. In this paper, a two-phase hybrid stepper motor control system based on FPGA is introduced. In order to improve control accuracy and suppress low-frequency vibration, the system was designed based on subdivision control method and an acceleration process was designed to ensure that motor started properly. Large current was used to stop the motor quickly and small current was used to keep the motor motionless. The test results showed that this system has the advantages of low-power consumption, starting and stopping steadily.
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Recommended references: 王天放,贾楠,彭如意,吕建工,彭吉龙,付利平.(2016).基于FPGA步进电机细分控制系统.电子设计工程.[ChinaXiv:201604.01040] (Click&Copy)
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